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Home of 4x4 Japanese Mini Trucks

Off Road Unlimited, LLC Tingley Iowa

Mini trucks (Kei trucks) are 4WD, right hand drive, lightweight Japanese trucks used for transportation in Japan. They come standard with seat belts, windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals, vent, and heater.


Top speed is about 55 mph and they average 40 mpg, but come equipped with a speed governor and are sold as off road vehicles. By far the most popular application is for hunting and farming, but there are also a number of other inventive ways they can be put to use.


Every truck has been completely serviced, with spark plugs, filters, and fluids checked and changed, before we place any truck for sale. We are also able to add tires, wheels and lift to any truck.


Be sure to check our current inventory on used mini trucks, these are trucks that are available for sale now.


They come with a 3 cylinder gas, carborated, liquid cooled, 45 horsepower engine. There is a 4 and 5 speed manual transmission with high and low range transfer cases.


Mini Truck Sizing:
Length is 10 1/2 ft, Width 55 in., Height 6 ft. There is a 6 ft, tri-fold bed. Dump beds are also available. The truck weighs 1450 lbs.


Available Makes Offered:
Mitsubishi, Diahatsu, Suzuki, Honda, Mazda. We also make available a number of specialty type trucks, such as the deck van, extended cab vehicles, newer models (2000-2003), dump trucks, and more.


Mini-Trucks are Ideal For:
- Farmers
- Ranchers
- Landscapers
- Hunters
- Crawfishermen
- General Contractors
- Maintenance Workers
- Cattlemen
- Security Services
- Recreational Riding
- And More...


We strive to provide the best quality mini truck at the lowest price!


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